Commenting Around the World

For week 6, I enjoyed visiting other’s blogs that weren’t from my class! It was so fun to see the differences and similarities between their common traditions and my own. Here are the comments I made:

I loved reading your post! I really enjoy hamburgers too. Thats so interesting that they weren’t even invented in America! What is your favorite restaurant to get hamburgers? Come visit my blog!
P.S. I always draw a smiley face with my ketchup 🙂


I completely agree with you that Halloween changes as you get older. Although it may seem like a more childish holiday, I find that it is still fun to dress up with friends, but instead of trick or treating I would prefer to hang out and watch a movie. What are you planning on dressing up for next year? Come visit my blog!

I have never heard of or eaten Vegemite before. What is your favorite part of Vegemite? What makes it a food that you really like? I’ll have to look for it in my grocery store. Come visit my blog!

I agree with you about Halloween! I find that as you get older, the less and less exciting the holiday becomes, and the more I would rather stay home or hang out with friends. I can definitely relate to you, because although I don’t necessarily like trick or treating, I like to be scared too. Come visit my blog!

Your post is very detailed and descriptive. Congratulations on your first deer. Do you go shooting often? Come visit my blog!

I love how you talked about both hot dogs and hamburgers! I also liked how you have so many facts about the foods. Which food do you prefer? My favorite of the two foods is definitely a hamburger! Thanks for letting me see your blog, it was great! Come visit my blog!!

That’s so cool! I’ve never been to Washington D.C. before! Was your favorite part of the trip the wedding? What was interesting to you about the Pentagon? Come visit my blog!

I love your poem, it was very creative! I love Miranda Sings too, she’s so funny! Mean Girls is one of my favorite movies as well! What is your favorite part of the movie? Come visit my blog!

Sea Turtles are one of my favorite animals too! They are so beautiful. It is too bad they are endangered, I love that you are raising awareness. Fun blog, it’s very descriptive! Come visit my blog!

My name is Maddie, and I’m from California. I love your Halloween post! It’s so cool that you gave background information on Halloween, I have never known about why and how it was started. Great research! Come visit my blog!

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  1. Hi Maddie,
    I like how you put their names but next time don’t forget their urls I really like your blog and I hope to see what you post next! you should come check out my blog
    I’ll be back to see what other posts you have soon! bye! ~ Brooke

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