Past Family

I have been fortunate enough so far in my life to still have all of my family members, so I asked my dad about my great grandmother, his grandma. Her name was Phoebe. I interviewed my dad and asked him a little bit about her before she past away. She was one hundred precent Swedish, and enjoyed making traditional foods around Christmas time that my dad now makes for me and my family. My dad said that she had a very good sense of humor and was very funny, and was also the leader of a Bible study. OneĀ of the things she and my dad did together was driving to Redondo Beach Pier to look at the seafood. Afterward my dad would swim in the ocean, and he just loved to be with her. He said that his friends loved to be with her as well, because she was someone that everyone liked to be around. Unfortunately, she past away due to cancer before I was born, but even though I have never met her, I love the person I imagine she used to be.

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